Group Lessons


If interested in group lessons we offer all types of riding lessons for the beginner up to the seasoned rider. We teach beginners balance and seasoned riders anything from Spanish classical to dressage, vaulting, trick riding, working equitation, la Garocha and much more. We do recommend group lessons for beginners as this will allow them to learn not only by riding but by watching others ride as well. Group lessons require 3-5 riders. They are $35/person per lesson. We offer an introductory lesson at this rate and then require each month prepaid. Please contact us to schedule or receive details at either 602-293-7788 or 623-221-7401.


We are very priveleged to have our talented trainer, Miguel Undabarrena, on-site. He has Olympic training experience and is the current Haras Cup 2016 Working Equitation and current Early Californios Skills of the Rancho 2015 Working Equitation Champion, Haras Cup 2015 Working Equitation Reserve Champion and Fiesta of the Spanish Horse 2016 Reserve Champion (2014 Fiesta of the Spanish Horse Champion).